Best Update Yet!

It’s official…this is the most excited I’ve been to write a blog post! Drum roll please…we received our court petition this past Friday, December 1st. This means our case is ready to be brought to court! We scurried to get all the documents signed and prepared and Fedex’d them back to our agency yesterday. Those papers were the last documents we had to send before we travel! I repeat…we’ve sent off our LAST ADOPTION PAPERS before we get on an airplane!!! Once our attorney receives those papers, he/she will give us a court date. From what we’ve been told, our court date could be within the next 4-8 weeks. Just to refresh your memory, we are required to be present at that court date and we will stay in India around 3 weeks to finish the process. Our daughter will be with us for most of those 3 weeks. Words cannot describe how excited/anxious we are to finally meet this precious girl who has stolen our hearts.

We’re in full-on nesting mode over here, trying to get things in order before we leave. I’m not sure the butterflies in my stomach will go away until we’re finally with her in person. Please be praying that we continue to trust God’s timing and that finalizing trip details will go smoothly. We are going to India SO SOON! Ahh!

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