February 19

I’ve thought about this post more times than I can count. It feels surreal to even type but…we are leaving for India MONDAY. As in, 5 days from now!!!! The past 18 months have led us to this moment and honestly, it’s really hard to process. We’re excited, thankful, and overjoyed. But also a little nervous/anxious about traveling across the world and meeting our daughter for the first time! Basically all the emotions are being felt over here J Please pray for our safe travel and for everything to go smoothly while we are there. Also please pray that God will prepare our daughter’s heart for the difficult transition from her orphanage to our arms. One of the best days of our life will most likely be one of scariest for her, which is hard for me to think about.

We are so beyond ready to see our sweet little girl’s face and can’t wait to introduce her to you. THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! Family of 5 here we come!

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