For the past three months we’ve been working to check things off our lonnngggg list of to-do’s for the adoption. Some of you might be familiar with this process, but for those of you who aren’t, I want to explain where this checklist is coming from.

There are three main parts to this process and each part has it’s own checklist/requirements.

The first part is our adoption agency. After researching and talking with a few agencies, we decided to partner with Journeys of the Heart. It is a smaller agency based out of Oregon. They help guide us along this journey and actually have correspondents in India who they work with to make sure the adoption process is as smooth as possible. If we have any questions we call or email them. They have been extremely helpful and we’re very thankful for them! Along with choosing them as our agency came a list of things we needed to submit to them for their records. Waivers/agreements/reference letters/etc. There are also online trainings we have to complete for them as well. Our status with this checklist is we’ve completed all our paperwork for them, and now just need to complete the trainings.

The next part is the home study. The purpose of the home study is to get approval from the United States to show that Nick and I are fit to be adoptive parents. The home study agency we selected is in Mt Vernon, which is 45 minutes from our house. The checklist for the home study is definitely the most extensive and thorough. It includes medical reports for each of our family members, birth certificates, marriage license, financial reports, reference letters, background checks, CPR certification, etc. etc. etc. And those are just the tip of the iceberg! It also includes a home visit from a social worker to make sure our house is fit for a child to come into. Our status with this checklist is we’re about 90% completed. We’ll be done with the paperwork next week and then just need to complete the home visit/interviews.

The last part is the dossier. The dossier is a list of documents that gets sent to India for them to approve us to adopt from their country. The checklist for this has some overlap from the home study list and isn’t quite as long. But in order to submit our dossier, we need to have a completed home study. Our status with this checklist is we’re about 30% complete.

So what next? We’re hoping to have our home study completed by the end of December and our dossier completed by February. After that we’ll get our names put in the adoption database that will allow us to be matched with a child!

I know this was long but we wanted all of you to understand a little bit more about this journey we’re on. Please pray that the remainder of this paperwork process is completed smoothly and that there aren’t any major hiccups. We can’t wait to keep you updated as things progress!

We also are so thankful for the financial support we have received through our fundraising website,

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