Any Day Now

Update time! Alright, so let’s back up to our last blog post. I told you guys about how we had finally been uploaded into the database that would match us with our daughter and that we could get a call anytime. Well, I kind of spoke too soon. We found out shortly after that yes, we had in fact been uploaded. BUT we had to wait for Indian consultants to approve our submission into the database. We were told it could take anywhere from 5-8 weeks. So we waited. On May 10 we received an email from our adoption agency giving us the great news that we had been approved! It took about 5 and a half weeks. They told us that they would start looking for potential matches the next day! This was a huge YAY moment! After months and months of hard work, we finally felt like that was nothing preventing us from being matched.

With that comes a whole new set of emotions. We started calling and emailing our agency more frequently wanting updates on how the matching process was going. We received an email this past Friday from our agency, which was a little sobering on the timeline but gave us a realistic expectation. They stated that they hadn’t seen a potential match yet so to be safe emotionally we need to assume that it will still take some months to find one. But they’re hopeful that we will get matched sooner than later because of the wide range of medical needs we are open to. They are checking every day, as new children are added to the database throughout the week. So we can safely tell you now that we really could receive the call any day!

In the meantime, we are working on our dossier because once we are matched we only have 30 days to submit it. And we are also looking for and applying for grants.

Please pray with us that our daughter will get uploaded into the database soon and that our agency will be able to match us quickly. God is teaching us a lot about patience. And that even though we think we know what’s best for us, His plan is truly perfect.

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