The Love Tree


Hi friends! We’re super excited to share this Love Tree with you!! Baby girl Knapp is so close to coming home and we are slowly but surely getting closer to our fundraising goal. We thought in light of the holiday season approaching, we’d combine our fundraising efforts with a bit of holiday festiveness.

We’ve handcrafted 150 India-themed ornaments, each numbered 1-150. The number on each ornament is the suggested dollar donation amount. For example…

#1 = $1.00

#5 = $5.00

#122 = $122.00

and so on…

If each ornament is claimed, we will reach our fundraising goal!! How awesome would it be to celebrate Christmas with a completely funded adoption!?

If you are interested in joining our adoption journey by donating please follow the steps below!

*Click HERE to go to our fundraising website.

*The available ornaments will be listed by number and category. (we’ll keep updating the numbers as they’re claimed)

*Select your ornament # and then click the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page. Fill out your information and make sure to list the ornament # you’ve selected in the message box provided.

We will ship all ornaments #30 and up! And if you’re local to us, we’ll deliver! (If you have a preference on ornament design just contact me and I’ll help you pick an available ornament of your choice.) Please feel free to ask if you have any questions! Thanks everyone!

Why we’ve chosen to adopt (take 2)

The answer to, “why we’ve chosen to adopt”, has progressed since we first started the process of adopting from India. To be honest, in the very beginning we made the whole adoption about us. How would this affect our life? How hard would the process be? How much would it cost? What if she didn’t “fit” into our family? Is this what God wanted us to do? We were so wrapped up in ourselves!

But what we were missing was that there was another human being on the other end of this adoption. A little human being who did not get the choice to be in the situation she was placed in. A precious little soul so deserving of love.  Our eyes slowly started coming off ourselves and began focusing solely on what was best for this little girl. SHE became our reason to adopt. What initially felt like a sacrifice turned into the biggest of blessings!

It’s hard to say now that we even chose adoption, because it seems that adoption chose us and has become a huge part of our lives. God has moved in our hearts to make us see that this small life of ours is indeed not our own and that it was bought for a price. We cannot ignore that this truth has freed our hearts up to stepping outside our comfort zone, which has allowed us to meet the most amazing Indian girl. We also know that we love because He first loved us. The fact that we even have love to offer our daughter is because of God’s love for us.

So why have we chosen to adopt? I would now say, 15 months into this process, that we have chosen to adopt because there is a girl in India who deserves a chance to thrive. She’s not just a number. She’s a beautiful, sweet, unique individual who we are beyond thrilled to welcome into our family.

Time for Court

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on what’s been going on lately! We received NOC (No Objection Certificate) on October 13! Yay!! We found out last week that our case has been assigned an attorney in India. Now we are waiting for that attorney to write up an affidavit (aka court petition). The petition will be sent to us either via email or physical mail and we’ll sign it and send it back. Once our attorney receives the petition, he/she will register us in court. After being registered in court, we wait on a court date. And that will be when we buy our plane tickets because we will need to be present for that court date. We plan to be in India for around 3 weeks. During those three weeks we will have to apply for our little girl’s passport and wait for it to arrive, as well as travel to New Delhi to finalize things in country. We’ve been told it could take months to be registered in court and receive a court date, but we’re praying things are on a fast track! We can’t wait to share photos of her and tell you her name publicly, but we have to wait until after we pass court. Please be praying we get the court petition this week or next! Regardless of how long this takes, we know that God works all things together for our good. So we can rest assured that our adoption timeline is good and perfect for us. (but trust me, this is a daily struggle to believe!!) It’s one of the many ways God has refined us through this process. I hope to be back with another update really soon!! Thank you for your prayers!!

Guess What?!?

Confession time. We’ve been keeping a secret for over a month now and I can finally tell you…


On Sunday, July 9th we received a call from our agency. My stomach immediately started doing flip flops when I saw their number on my phone screen because I knew they wouldn’t just randomly call us to chat on the weekend. They excitedly informed us that they believed they had found a little girl who would be a perfect match for our family. I kind of blacked out after that and don’t remember much of our conversation haha! All I heard was that she was adorable and that we were going to get an email with her photo! Within minutes we were staring at a photo of the MOST PERFECT BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL. The moment we had been anticipating for almost a year was finally here. It’s hard to even put into words the emotions we felt in that moment. The only thing I can compare it to is when I gave birth to Raye and Wilkes and saw their faces for the first time. We instantly knew she was our daughter and fell in love completely and unconditionally. We can’t give much information about her at the moment but hopefully soon! Now that we’re matched we are working hard to get the ball rolling to bringing her home. We just sent off our dossier and are waiting to hear back from USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) that we’ve been approved to bring her to the United States. There are lots of things that need to happen before we can travel to get her. We’re thinking it could be February or March when we get to go but we’re praying that she’ll be home by Christmas. As you can imagine, now that we’ve seen her face its become harder to be patient in the waiting. But we’re clinging to God in our moments of anxiety and worry. We find peace in knowing He is taking care of her in the midst of our waiting.

Please pray with us that the remainder of this process goes quickly without any major setbacks. And also that we would be able to bring her home by Christmas!