End in Sight

Hey friends! Just want to give you all a quick update on where we are in the adoption process! Things are getting more and more real as each day passes and more than ever, we’re so eager to travel to India to get our little princess! And we’re ecstatic to see that day coming into focus for us. To give you a somewhat clearer idea of what the India adoption process looks like, here is a very broad rundown of the steps involved:

Right now, we are waiting to receive word that we have NOC (#10 on the list). This stands for No Objection Certificate. Once we receive that, we wait to be registered in Indian court. Once we are registered in court, we wait to get a court date. When we receive that court date, we will TRAVEL! Each state in India differs in its policies, so although travel is listed as #14, for us court is when we will travel. We expect to spend 3 weeks in India, finalizing everything needed to bring our girl home with us.

If I’ve spoken with you the past few months you’ve probably heard me say this over and over, but THIS IS SO WORTH IT. Worth the time, worth the paperwork, worth the stress, worth the tears, worth every single penny. The deep, deep joy we’ve experienced over this past year has been something I cannot explain. God has truly changed Nick and I in so many ways. And this is just the beginning! What a blessing God has given us.

So here are some prayer requests:

-that we would receive NOC within the next few weeks
-that we would be registered in court in October
-that our court date would be in December! (Our huge prayer request is that she will be home by Christmas)
-that the rest of our funds will be provided (waiting to hear back from a grant we applied for and are applying for another soon)

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