Financial Update

Let’s talk money!! Nick and I have wanted to write this post for awhile, because we want to be open and honest about every part of our adoption. First and foremost, we want to thank our incredibly supportive network of family and friends. We have been so humbled by the outpouring of support over the last 10 months, financially, emotionally, and physically. It’s actually very difficult to even put in words how much it means to us. The only thing I can even think to relate it to is God’s love for us. We’ve seen our friends take on this financial burden and rally to find a way to help. We’ve seen sacrificial giving and true servant’s hearts in a way we never have before. I could go on and on, but God has used this fundraising process to draw us closer to Him through the actions of others in such a sweet way.

Our church family hosted a pop culture trivia night in March and close to 100 people showed up! Dinner was served and we even had a silent auction. And a few weeks ago our church hosted a huge garage sale for us. Both of these events took weeks and weeks to plan and in the end, close to $5000 was raised. We truly feel so loved.

Between these fundraising events and other donations (including a $5000 donation from a friend of a friend who we’ve never even met!!!!), we have raised half of our goal amount. Just to remind you, the total amount we need is $40,000. We’ve been applying for grants and are waiting to hear back from one in particular which looks to be promising. If you would like to donate, there is a button on our homepage or even at the bottom of this page that says “DONATE NOW”. Just click that and it will walk you through the process of giving. Thank you to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has donated. Please know that there hasn’t been one dollar taken for granted!

We are confident that God will provide the rest of the money for us. He has already been so faithful!

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