I didn’t want to write this post. In my mind, I had it all planned out. The next post I would write would have a court date with lots of exclamation marks, as I told you how excited we were to finally go to India to meet our daughter and bring her home. But here we are, with no court date…still lots of uncertainty on the horizon.

Let’s rewind to early December. As our last blog post explained, we received our court petition from our Indian attorney and sent everything back, signed and notarized, within a few days. We waited in anticipation to hear back from him. The days seemed to drag on. Finally on December 17 we received an email from our agency stating there were some problems with the petition and that we would need to redo everything. As you can imagine, we were heartbroken. Our dreams of possibly having her home by Christmas were crushed and there were still so many questions. No one knew for certain exactly how our petition needed to be completed. The next few weeks were filled with a lot of back and forth emails and calls with our agency, trying to make sure we did it right the second time. We finally got the green light from the attorney that it was correct and mailed it off again at the beginning of January. So I’m writing almost an identical blog post to our last, as we’re in almost identically the same spot. It’s not what we had hoped or planned for. If I’m being honest, I cry just about everyday.


Our church started a Bible reading plan this year and we’ve been reading about the Israelites exodus from Egypt. God performed miracles to free the Israelites from slavery and lead them to the promise land. But during their journey from Egypt, things get a little tough and they begin to doubt and even say they’d rather go back to Egypt! The Israelites remind me of myself. When things got tough and didn’t go as planned, I questioned God. I was filled with anxiety and stress, wondering if we would ever make it to India. He’s been gently and persistently calling us to trust Him. None of our setbacks are a surprise to Him. He has been so faithful throughout this entire journey and made Himself known to us in huge ways. Literal miracles have occurred over the past year. How quickly I forget!

So we trust. I’d be lying if I said it’s easy. I tell people that God gives us enough grace to get through the day. Then His mercies are renewed the next morning. I feel compelled to not waste this time of waiting. I’m not sure what that even looks like, but leaning into God and trusting him with our timeline seems like the right place to start.

(Please pray with us that we would get a call from our agency this week and that we would receive a court date.)

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