Things are getting real

Happy 2017 everyone! This COULD be the year that we bring our daughter home, which makes us so very excited! I just wanted to pop in and fill you in on our progress lately with the adoption.

About a month ago, we submitted all our home study paperwork, which was a huge weight off our shoulders. After paperwork is submitted, there are a few meetings with our social worker, including a home visit from her. We had one meeting at their office this week, one scheduled for next week and then the following week is when she is scheduled to visit our home. After that, our home study will officially be complete! YAY!

Once the home study is complete, our names will be put into the database that matches children with families. We’ve learned on our adoption journey so far that we need to be super flexible and expect the unexpected, so we aren’t getting our hopes up that our matching process will be smooth or quick. BUT based on timeline estimates given to us by our adoption agency, we could possibly be matched with our daughter in late spring. Once we are matched, it will be at least 6 months before we can make our trip to India to get her. Nick and I will make the trip, which we’re told will be about 7-10 days.

Our daughter has been on our minds a lot lately, as things have progressed more and have begun to seem more “real”. We haven’t seen her face yet, but we know she is already born and most likely already living in an orphanage. Please pray with us that she is being cared for and loved by her caregivers right now. Pray that she is getting her needs met and also doesn’t feel scared or alone. It’s hard knowing that our daughter is on the other side of the world and we have no control over what is happening to her. But we have so much comfort knowing God has all the control and He loves her even more than we do. His plan is perfect and He has our entire adoption journey in His hands.

If you feel called to give financially to our adoption journey, there is a link on our home page or you can click here. The total cost will be around $40,000 and we have already spent about $8,000. We had a significant amount saved personally, but we’ve reached the end of that money. We are also starting to look for adoption grants.

Thank you all again for your prayers!

2 thoughts on “Things are getting real

  1. We’re encouraged by your obedience to this call on your life and the love that is so strong in your heart for the daughter you haven’t even seen yet. This is a beautiful picture of the gospel Knapp’s.


    1. Thank you Rob! We love hearing this from you all and are so blessed to have so many friends and family who are loving and supporting us on this adventure.


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