Why we’ve chosen to adopt (take 2)

The answer to, “why we’ve chosen to adopt”, has progressed since we first started the process of adopting from India. To be honest, in the very beginning we made the whole adoption about us. How would this affect our life? How hard would the process be? How much would it cost? What if she didn’t “fit” into our family? Is this what God wanted us to do? We were so wrapped up in ourselves!

But what we were missing was that there was another human being on the other end of this adoption. A little human being who did not get the choice to be in the situation she was placed in. A precious little soul so deserving of love.  Our eyes slowly started coming off ourselves and began focusing solely on what was best for this little girl. SHE became our reason to adopt. What initially felt like a sacrifice turned into the biggest of blessings!

It’s hard to say now that we even chose adoption, because it seems that adoption chose us and has become a huge part of our lives. God has moved in our hearts to make us see that this small life of ours is indeed not our own and that it was bought for a price. We cannot ignore that this truth has freed our hearts up to stepping outside our comfort zone, which has allowed us to meet the most amazing Indian girl. We also know that we love because He first loved us. The fact that we even have love to offer our daughter is because of God’s love for us.

So why have we chosen to adopt? I would now say, 15 months into this process, that we have chosen to adopt because there is a girl in India who deserves a chance to thrive. She’s not just a number. She’s a beautiful, sweet, unique individual who we are beyond thrilled to welcome into our family.

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